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  • Why the Fly: A Reintroduction to Fishing
    By: Scott Battista There’s an old adage in the sport of fishing. Spend a single day on the water and you’re bound to hear, “it’s called fishing, not catching”. Unfortunately, at that moment most decide to give into the boredom, lose interest, and are unlikely to return on their own. What if there is a way to bridge the gap between the catching and […]
  • A Family Escape To A Private Ranch
    A weekend retreat with Angus cattle, quivering Aspens, fresh trout, and a BB gun up on a secluded Rocky Mountain Ranch. Have your kids ever really encountered silence? Do your kids know from experience (not by asking Siri) how fast a chicken can run? Do your kids respect the kick of a 12 gauge or know how the percussion of a rifle pushes the […]
  • Life, Liberty, & the (Founding of) Pursuit
    The Founding Story of Pursuit: How, What, and Why. The story of how Pursuit came to be begins with my Dad. My Dad used to (sorta) joke that, “Camping is showing up at a motel without a reservation.” For all his wonderful attributes, teaching kids how to be outdoorsmen was not one of Dad’s strengths. Consequently, my midwestern family grew up with a passion […]